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Knot Genie Coupon and $500.00 contest!

Do your kids wake up looking a fright? I know mine do! I have tried all sorts of ways to tame that mane, special brushes, and sprays and tying her hair up before she sleeps. Sadly brushing is still a contention point for us with her 3 year old will many times winning out. Crocodile tears are my biggest weakness and she has gone out in a knotted hair pony tail too many times to admit. I know when she starts school we won’t be able to let it slide. If you have a little one with unruly hair then I have found the tool for you. Knot Genie and there is a coupon!!!  I know you all like Coupons as do I!


Plus there is an awesome contest to win $500.00!!! Now I know that money could come in handy especially with Christmas coming so quickly or to pay off all those school clothes!

Knot Genie Back to School Morning Meltdown contest!

Entry information from the site: Hurry enter quickly to be one of the first 50 to get a prize just for entering! “If you’re a parent,  you’ve  probably experienced a foot stomping-shrieking-morning meltdown at that critical time when you’re trying to get your child off to school. Recount (if it’s not to painful) your worst meltdown and  how you diffused the situation and enter your story in our contest. Ask  your friends  and family to vote for your entry and you could win $500.00. The first 50 people to enter will get great prizes just for participating.”